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In order for underground utilities to withstand the test of decades it must be installed with laser precise accuracy. Hazen Services provides a single solution for underground utility installation and reconstruction. We have years of experience successfully installing utility pipe for water distribution, sanitary sewers and storm sewers.

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If you're confused about how directional boring can affect your property or who to hire for the job, your answer is Hazen Services. Count on our skilled operators to use top-of-the-line equipment and to get the job done right. We'll ensure that the product is within easement and at the right depth.

Our goal is to ensure that you're completely satisfied with our services and we'll go to any extent to achieve our goals. Contact us today to get a FREE estimate on our services.

The Techniques Of Directional Boring

Directional boring is a method of installing underground lines such as water or drain lines, sewer lines, gas lines, oil lines, power lines, as well as cables and communication lines. Directional boring is used in the following areas to ensure the free flow of water, sewer, or any communication line.

  • Cross driveways
  • Highways
  • Railways and other congested areas
  • Environmentally-sensitive areas
  • Landscaped areas or any area where minimal impact is desired
The few benefits of directional boring include:
  • Less traffic disruptions
  • Lower costs
  • Deeper and longer installations
  • No access pits
  • Shorter completion times
  • Directional capabilities
  • Environmental safety
The stages of directional boring include:

Directional boring starts with the receiving hole and the entrance pits. These pits collect the drilling fluid and minimize the cost to prevent excessive waste.

  • Step 1: The first stage is to drill a pilot hole on the designed path.
  • Step 2: The hole is enlarged by passing a larger cutting tool known as a reamer. The reamer's diameter depends on the size of the pipe.
  • Step 3: The third stage places the product on a casing pipe in the enlarged hole by way of the drill that's pulled behind the reamer. This allows for the centering of the pipe in the newly-reamed path.
Locating A Drilling Site And How It's Done

The location and guidance of the drill is a very important part of the drilling operation. While the drilling head is underground, it's not visible from the ground surface. The proper location and drill head guidance prevents destruction possibilities.

With the help of a viscous fluid known as drilling fluid, horizontal directional drilling is performed. It is a mixture of water and usually bentonite or polymer, which is continuously pumped in to the cutting head or drill bit to facilitate the removal of cuttings, to stabilize the bore hole, to cool the cutting head, and to lubricate the passage of the pipe.

Hazen Services Direction Drill Utility Installation
Hazen Services Direction Drill Utility Installation