Hydro Excavating

Hazen Hydro Excavating Services

About Hydro Excavating

Hydro Excavation is a digging process that uses streams of high pressure/high volume water to dig into soil while at the same time using a powerful vacuum to remove the soil and water into the truck’s debris tank. Hydro-excavation & vacuum excavation are non-mechanical, non-destructive processes that use pressurized water and industrial strength vacuum to simultaneously excavate and evacuate soil. As hydro excavation safely breaks up soil, the soil and water slurry is conveyed by vacuum into the truck’s debris tank. This method is preferred in hard ground and cohesive soil scenarios. When water is not necessary to break up material, such as when applied to backfill areas with loose gravel or sand, the use of a powerful vacuum truck is all that is necessary.

What are the benefits of Hydro Excavation?

There are many benefits to hydro-excavations but the most predominant is SAFETY. Hydro excavating safely around existing utilities saves time by not having the job shut down due to a utility strike. It also saves money by avoiding fines for damaging utilities. It is less destructive compared to mechanical excavation resulting in fewer repairs to the surface area and less backfilling requirements. Manual digging is very intensive for laborers and very time consuming. Heavy machinery poses safety risks and can cause damage to the surroundings. Hydro excavation is surprisingly fast.

The debris tank and water pump are both mounted on a truck that can be located near the jobsite or at a safer distance if the excavation site is in a heavily congested area. Our trucks can dig up to 500 feet away using “remote aluminum tubing” to carry the vacuum from the truck to the excavation site. This allows us to dig in confined areas where heavy equipment can’t go including the interior of a building. Hydro Excavation is much more precise than any other type of excavation, which in turn, saves time, money, and the environment. The risk of damage to underground utilities and adjacent soil is virtually eliminated and the surrounding environment is left with no damaging effects.

When is Hydro Excavation Best?

There are many situations that make hydro excavation a safe and cost-effective alternative to mechanical excavation. When you are dealing with utility lines, sewers, or other underground structures, it is important that you do not damage those structures with traditional sharp-tool excavation equipment. Utilizing proper hydro excavation in place of mechanical excavation methods is effective because it mitigates the opportunity to damage existing structures and utility lines.

Hydro Excavation has many uses besides less intrusive digging and utility installation. Our fleet of hydro excavation trucks perform maintenance and cleaning services for stormwater detention systems, and other industrial manufacturing facilities. We also pothole to find utilities and vacuum silt from stream beds and culvert pipes. Hydro excavation is a versatile and efficient construction, maintenance, and cleaning service. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Is Hydro Excavation Eco-Friendly?

Hydro excavation has low environmental impact and is significantly more versatile than traditional excavation methods. The whole process is accomplished using tap water and air. Hydro excavation is safe, green, and minimally invasive whenever you require any kind of dirt removal or excavation services.